Is my card being charged now?

Credit cards are charged a booking fee by Sport Nation at the time of reservation. In  addition, some hotels occasionally will require an additional deposit. In this case it will be specifically stated in the cancellation policy.

I am asked to give my credit card now, but I want to pay cash or use another card when I arrive at the hotel.

No problem. When you check in please tell the front desk attendant you wish to use another card than the one on file.

I keep getting an error message that says not a unique value.

This message means you already have your email in the system.  Chances are, you hit the button twice.

The check in or check out date defaults to a date other than what I need.

When you are creating a block we hold event and shoulder dates out of inventory. When you make your individual reservation(s) you will be able to adjust dates.

I have a special request of the hotel.  Can I put that somewhere?

Sure.  There is a notes section located just after you enter your credit card information.

How do I create a group or team block?

To create a group or team block first start with the event list and click on your event.  Next choose the hotel that best suits your needs from the list on your event page.  Click make reservation.  Then on the next page, you will choose the option to the left that says Group Reservation.  Follow that process and you will be able to hold rooms for the specified amount of time for your event.

What is my Group Code?

Your Group Code is an alpha-numeric code that identifies your block of rooms in the Sport Nation system; it is not a hotel confirmation number.

I’m trying to  make a reservation but it says the release date expired or block is full.

If your release date has passed, you will need to make an individual reservation.  As we reconcile reservations we will add your reservation with your group if you notate the Group Code in the notes section at the end of the reservation process.

Do we have a team block?

Your group contact should be able to tell you that.

I have a loyalty card (or priority points etc.) with the hotel how do I let the hotel know?

There is a spot on your reservation just below the credit card information where it will ask for member number. That is where you should enter that information.

I have AAA (CAA) can I get a discount?

Sport Nation works hard to get you the best rates at the best hotels and in most cases will be below the AAA rate.  Hotels typically will not offer a group discount as well as AAA discount.  However, you are welcome to show your card at check-in.

I work for the government can I get the government rate?

Hotels typically will offer only one discount.  Sport Nation will offer you a group discount.  Please contact the hotel directly for information on their policies.

We are tax exempt how do I insure we do not pay sales tax.

First, when you make your reservation, please write in the notes section that you are tax exempt. You must present NYS Tax Exempt certificate for NYS (if event is in NYS) with the name of the exempt organization prior to or at check in (prior to purchase). Tax exemption is only good for purchases made in the state providing the certificate. The hotel will only honor the exemption if the guest is paying with a credit card or check that has the name of the exempt organization on it. If the guest is paying with personal funds, the hotel will not  honor the tax exemption. Guest may want to consider setting up direct bill to association or paying with association credit card. Tax exempt certificates are only valid for sales tax and do not include occupancy or other taxes and fees.

How much is the tax?

The tax is set per city and generally runs 10-15% as an estimate.

What is the Release Date and how is this different than the Cut-Off date?

The release date is the date that your team/group has to finish your reservations before rooms go back into inventory for resale.  The Cutoff date is the date we turn over all reservations to the hotels; it is also the last date the listed rate is valid.

Why do we only get a limited time to make reservations in our team block?

Many hotels give us until 30 days prior or event a week before the event? Having a limited time to get reservations complete improves the value of the tournament by keeping people from holding blocks of rooms that they do not really intend to use.  If you need to extend your Release Date, please contact us.  In most cases this is not a problem.

What if I need  more time for my team to make reservations in my block?

If you need to extend your Release Date, please contact us.  In most cases this is not a problem.

The drop down menu for the team block does not give me enough rooms.  How can I get more?

The number of rooms in the drop down is limited by two factors: first, the number of rooms available at the hotel and second to keep people from blocking rooms they do not really need.  If you need more, you can set up another block or contact us and let us know you need more added to your block.

We will not know the schedule of the tournament until really late, can I cancel my reservation without penalty?

Every tournament and hotel has its own cancellation policy.  Make sure you understand what your cancellation policy is before making your reservations. In general team reservations may not be cancelled later than 14 days prior to the event without incurring fees.

What is my booking fee?

Each reservation will be charged a percentage fee for their reservation. This is a one-time, non-refundable fee for each individual reservation charged as a result of using the Sport Nation system and services.